Using State Of The Art Materials At Santa Clara Endodontics

What Are Bioceramics?

Bioceramics are biocompatible, non-toxic, filling materials that stimulate bone growth and has anti-bacterial properties.

How Do Bioceramics Affect Root Canal Treatment?

Thanks to bioceramic cements and sealers, your root canal treatment can have an even better result! It can take fewer visits to complete than it used to, and the way the material bonds to the tooth gives it a higher chance of success. Just don’t take that as an excuse to skip out on your daily brushing and flossing!

Get Cutting Edge Root Canal Treatment From Dr. Photopoulos

If you want to get root canal treatment that is on the cutting edge of modern endodontic innovation, look no further than Santa Clara Endodontics! If you have any questions about bioceramics and how they can improve your result, give us a call at 408-296-1500 or send us an email.